Important Soulplay Newspaper 3/1/19

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    Hello everyone and welcome back to the Newspaper! This week we have a player interview with @Chuchuz . I guess I'll be in charge of Newspaper duty now, so expect at least two a month regardless of updates or not.

    Q: Do you still have your osrs account forsale?
    A: I do not.

    Q: What inspired you to get my signature tattooed on your wrist?
    A: I just wanna be you dood.

    Q: How many times a week do you and @Alec go on brunch dates to eat waffles?
    A: Six.

    Q: How is life?
    A: Decent, haven't been up to much lately so just relaxing, it's nice.

    Q: Masterchef when??
    A: Tonight :^)

    Q: Make me foood please?
    A: Come on over buddy.

    Q: One thing u miss about SP?
    A: Slack forum channel.

    Q: One thing u like about Sp?
    A: *some* of the people who still hang around.

    Q: One thing u hate about SP?
    A: How good suggestions are ignored for years.

    Q: Hows life best fren :)
    A: Yaya, good : )

    Q: What have you been upto after resigning?
    A: Was at uni for a while but finished that, taking a few months break before starting work so for now i'm just chilling : )

    @Liquid Flame
    Q: Whens your next Forum Admin shift?
    A: Lmao it feels that way huh. :chuchuz:

    Q: First impression of me vs impression of me now :doge:
    A: Honestly, the same? You had enough experience to carry you through at the start and you haven't changed since (at least since i've noticed).

    Q: Who told you it was a good idea to hire me???
    A: If i remember correctly it was actually I who told Jake? Can't really remember XD.

    Q: did you ever give your info to my secretary?
    A: No, he was extremely rude on the phone. You should fire him.

    Q: how many chans do you I still owe you?
    A: One single chan.

    Q: can twirlbot5000 and boxman go to comic con and take over?
    A: Ye let's go but shotgun window seat.

    Q: do you ever get annoyed at our group chat on discord?
    A: Never:hug:

    Q: thoughts on 2019 so far?
    A: Meh.

    Q: would you ever come back to us?
    A: Honestly, that would depend on a few things and i wouldn't know the answer until the time came. However, probably. Depending on who's still here.

    Q: who was your favourite person to work along while you were here?
    A: It's hard to pick between the days of sibul/time/jacob and you/mit.

    Q: what do you prefer the most; Will, William, Williard, or some other name?
    A: Will's fine. I dunno where Chucka came from but i don't mind that either.

    Q: when are we making our band?
    A: Soon tm.

    Q: do you like spiders?
    A: No fuck off.

    Q: what terrifies you most about your country?
    A: The fact we have a new prime minister every 2nd month.

    Q: what's your most realistic thoughts about here?
    A: Had the potential to be something great, but unfortunately alot of good ideas and suggestions fell on deaf ears. There was a point where myself & Cedric (i believe it was him? idk) were throwing idea's to Lesik/Julius that were frequently suggested on Forums and they said they wanted to do BA even though nobody asked for it. If they listened more in the past maybe it wouldn't be as dead as it is now, but it's kind of beyond repair at this point. They're incredibly lucky they have the staff team they have even though i know alot of you are still underappreciated to an extent.

    Q: will you ever play rs3 with janae, nexus and I?
    A: I tried to get into it a few months back but i had no idea what i was doing so i gave up. Teach me :pepecry:

    Q: will you move to canada when I take over and rule over them?
    A: Yes.

    Q: who's your inspiration?
    A: @Alec

    Q: why are you a healslut on apex?
    A: My badges are cooler than yours fuck off.

    Q: :doge: or :doge2:?
    A: :doge:

    @Angel Ranger
    Q: When you were staff who were your 3 favorites and 3 least favorites to work with?
    A: That's super hard to answer because we went through so many. But i'd have to say my favourites were Alec/Mit/Sophie/Janae/Mark (yes ik that's 5) and least favourites were Tom/Lethalbacon/Eve.

    Q: Why aren't we sharing music anymore?
    A: Wym nub you sent me something last week.

    Q: When are we sending noodz to each other?
    A: Never.

    Q: On the staff team, please rate the girls from 1 - 10
    A: Lol?

    Q: Who would you bang? what male and what female? :)
    A: You should get out some more.

    Q: Have you been doing better the last few months?
    A: Much, so much less stressful and just having time to myself makes things alot better. Ty for asking :>

    A: Did you add me on Origin yet?
    A: Yes! : )

    Q: Do you miss us? We miss you :c
    A: Yes :c

    Q: Would you rather ride out into the sunset or sunrise?
    A: I hate mornings so probably sunset.

    Q: What's your favorite thing to cook?
    A: Stir fry's are pretty fun, same with pastas.

    Q: Is there any hope for Zach to get better?
    A: No, all hope is lost. Abandon ship.

    Q: Will you notice me Sempai?
    A: :chuchuz:

    Q: When I get home can you force Nexus to scream things on discord
    A: This can be arranged.

    Q: If you could change 1 thing about the forums what would it be?
    A: Honestly, i think it's too late to make these forums active. So it wouldn't really matter. But if i had to choose one thing, i'd do a fresh overhaul of icons/backgrounds etc.

    Q: In your honest opinion who would be the most improved forums member? and why?
    A: Sophie 100%, knowing how she was as a support previously, compared to how she is now i'm proud of her.

    Q: Do you have plans to join the staff team again? if yes When?
    A: "Plans" to? Not currently.

    Q: Why did you bend me over backwards and not offer any lube?
    A: You made it easy.

    Q: What do you want out of life?
    A: No idea how to answer this tbh. Financial stability and happiness? Idk, sounds cliche but yeah.

    Q: Idk who you are because I'm a newfag, but pls come back and save soulplay
    A: All hope is lost, brotherman.

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    Yay willum
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    Good read williard
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    Very Neat, Good content, much interview
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    wowe spoooderman
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    I agree the smiles do need a revamp. Thanks @Chuchuz
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    Q: will you move to canada when I take over and rule over them?

    Try us I dare you.

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    will is still selling osrs acc btw so am i
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